Art Base Momoshima presents

CROSSROAD 3: Man! Fight and Secure a Place to Live

Dates: October 6 - November 4, 2018


Hours: 10am - 5pm

Holidays: Tuesday, Wednesday

Tickets: Adults: 1,000JPY Students: 800JPY


Art Base Momoshima, now a non-profit organization based in Momoshima, Onomichi-City, Hiroshima, presents an exhibition titled “CROSSROAD 3: Man! Fight and Secure a Place to Live." The venue is Otsu 1731- GOEMON HOUSE, an abandoned house for which Art Base Momoshima launched the conversion project last year. The exhibition features artists Chu Enoki, Yukinori Yanagi, and a craftworkers group, Momoshima Hyper Factory, which has worked on the conversion. A completed large cauldron-shaped bathtub (Goemon Bath) will be on view. On Saturday, October 6th, the exhibition opens with special events: “Gun Salute", by Chu Enoki and a ceremony for the first firing of the Goemon Bath.

Battleground for survival

Crossroad is a keyword when we consider the present condition of Japan. What have we learned from history and which path have we taken so far? What responsibility are we going to take? We presented the first “Crossroad" exhibition in 2014 and the second in 2017, to question Japan’s present state. This exhibition is the third in the series of Crossroad exhibitions. We are certain that the key to overcome a sense of stagnation prevailing in Japan and raise a revolution is found in our everyday life. The converted abandoned house is set as the main exhibition battleground.

Momoshima, an island in Onomichi-City, Hiroshima Prefecture, suffers population decline. Its current population is estimated at below 400, which is a huge loss from the population of approximately 3,000 after the war. There is almost no accommodation or eating facility on the island. Art Base Momoshima is proud to announce the opening of Otsu 1731- GOEMON HOUSE, the former derelict house for 47 years, now a converted accommodation facility where visitors stay while enjoying art. The master of GOEMON HOUSE is a provocative artwork and an over-sized Goemon Bath. The structure of Goemon Bath is simple: Water pumped from a well and poured in the cauldron-shaped bathtub is heated by firewood. It is proven from past disasters, including the Great East Japan Earthquake, that this type of bath is efficient in times of disaster when lifeline systems are damaged. This exhibition is presented in Otsu 1731- GOEMON HOUSE, ahead of its opening as an accommodation facility in the summer of 2019. Provoking artwork by Chu Enoki is shown in the hall of the main house, and Yukinori Yanagi’s radical new work is set as an object of worship of the house. Momoshima Hyper Factory, a group of Momoshima’s craftworkers, worked on the renovation of the house as well as the installation of Goemon Bath. The exhibition venue, GOEMON HOUSE is set as a battleground where viewers are asked to think twice about the overuse of energy in our present life and contemplate a form of “life = art".



  • 「五右衛門風呂かまど開き」 - The Opening of Goemon Bath -

    五右衛門風呂 Goemon Bath

    日時:10月6日[土] 10:00~15:00/入浴限定15名

    会場:乙1731‒GOEMON HOUSE

    百島工房が作りあげた五右衛門風呂のかまど開きを行います。巨大な釜で入浴をお楽しみいただけます。屋台では食事、お酒をご用意しています。 *入浴ご希望の方は へメールにてご予約ください。(先着15名様) *入浴時間の指定はできません。事務局よりお時間をご連絡させていただきます。当日は水着、タオルをご持参ください。

    Dates: October 6 [sat] 10:00am - 3:00pm

    Venue: Otsu1731-GOEMON HOUSE

    An opening ceremony of Goemon Bath, constructed by Momoshima Hyper Factory. Visitors are welcome to enjoy a bath in the large cauldron-shaped bathtub. There will be food and drinks for purchase. *Only 15 reservations available for the bath. Please email to reserve your Goemon bath experience.We will contact you with a time slot for the bath. *Please bring a towel and bathing suit with you.

  • トーク「榎忠×柳幸典×出原均」- Chu Enoki x Yukinori Yanagi x Hitoshi Dehara -


    Dates: October 6 [sat] 3:30pm-/ 50 seats available

    Venue: ART BASE

    Artist talk with Chu Enoki and Yukinori Yanagi will be held at ART BASE. Hitoshi Dehara, a curator at Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art who curated their solo exhibitions in the past will join the conversation.

  • 榎忠「祝砲」- Chu Enoki "Gun Salute" -

    「祝砲」Gun Salute

    Dates: October 6 [sat] 4:30pm-

    Venue: ART BASE

    We will fire a salute with Chu Enoki's cannon "Liberty" to celebrate the opening of the exhibition.

  • GOEMON Pizzaと居酒屋「弐部」- Goemon Pizza and Izakaya-tavern “Nibu"-

    五右衛門風呂 Goemon Bath

    Dates: October 21 [sun] 11:00am - 4:00pm

    Venue: Otsu1731-GOEMON HOUSE

    Admission fee for the bath: 500JPY

    "Nibu", an Izakaya-tavern expected to open on Momoshima will be preparing their homemade dishes. Our specialty pizzas are baked in the Goemon Bath's oven. Visitors are welcome to take a citrus bath in the large cauldron-shaped bathtub. *Only 15 reservations available for the bath. Please email to reserve your Goemon Bath experience.We will contact you with a time slot for the bath. *Please bring a towel and bathing suit with you.